Note that it is absolutely necessary to have the .NET 2 framework installed before attempting to run any of these games. Although you by all means can use the command line to compile the projects, I'd recommend using a free IDE for this task, for instance, Microsoft Visual Studio Express.


Game: Comment: Size:
GuessGame A simple console game, wherein one has to guess a number between 1 and 50 (can be configured) using only 9, 6 or 3 attempts, depending on the level. 54 kiB
Millionaire Console game much like the game show "Who wants to be a millionaire". The game question database is stored in the XML format, and unfortunately, at this moment I've only included a small set of questions. 80 kiB
Bejeweled This is a clone of the famous flash-game Bejeweled (also known as Diamond Mine). It supports customizable board size, savable games, and a hint functionality that also includes a count of all the valid moves the user may do in a given game. The game, specifically, will show you how to serialize classes using both ISerializable and the default method, use GDI+, apply alpha-blending and gamma correction to an image, saving and retrieving application settings, using PlaySound to play a sound stored in memory, making text boxes numeric, and much more. 186 kiB
Mario .NET This is a conversion of the old VB6 Mario clone, rewritten for .NET. I did have to rewrite the rendering to use GDI+ rather than DirectX 7, and in order to support high FPS without having to rewrite the physics "engine", I use linear interpolation to interpolate the state between each game tick (30 ms). 749 kiB