Note that it is absolutely necessary to have the .NET 2 framework installed before attempting to run any of these games. Although you by all means can use the command line to compile the projects, I'd recommend using a free IDE for this task, for instance, Microsoft Visual Studio Express.


Program: Comment: Size:
Brainfuck Don't be offended by the name - Brainfuck is actually a pretty well-known estoteric (key word: useless, but intriguing) programming language that in principle is just as powerful as any other programming language, as it's Turning-complete. This is quite simply an IDE and a script engine for this language. 131 kiB
EasyChat This program allows you to communicate with other clients using a shared resource like a shared directory, whereby all messages and events are saved in a file which is automatically downloaded for all client when any change is made. Custom colors and fonts are also supported (using RichTextBox). 88 kiB
Fractal This is a fractal studio program which utilizes the built-in library System.CodeDom to achieve dynamic (re-)compilation of its fractals. This allows for a fairly efficient rendering system, to the extent that is possible in VB.NET. The application saves all fractals in a binary compressed form that contains different settings and its source code, where the latter is compiled upon opening and when it’s changed. The studio also features a property page not unlike Visual Studio, which enables the user to change different properties in the compiled fractal.I’ve also acknowledged that modifying pure source code can be a bit complicated for some users, so I’ve incorporated a simple “filter” system that does this automatically by changing relevant areas of the source code. Using this, One can combine fractals in the resulting image. Currently, the program only includes the Mandebrot set (although with quite a number of configuration settings), but it does contain two effect modules that allows one to change brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and much more. 146 kiB
FileDate This is a little utility that allows you to modify a given file's creation time, last accessed (read) time and last written/modified time. 47 kiB
MazeGenerator This is a small program that can generate and solve mazes. 207 kiB