If you experience any problems when opening these programs, you might be using an older version of Visual Basic - that is, below VB6 - and consequently, the IDE will produce error messages. However, when using VB5, you can circumvent this by simply removing a line begining with "Retaining" in the main project file, and then save and reopen. If you're using an even older version, you'll have to make a new project and move all the project files into it; granted, you'll most likely have to rewrite some parts of the program to make it run, but it's still feasible.

For those that dosen't have Visual Basic installed at all, it might be neccessary to download the run-time dll-files for Visual Basic, in case they don't execute.


Program: Comment: Size:
3D stars This is an example of how to make a 3D star movement in space, much like the famous screen saver in Windows. 3 kiB
Prime numbers A demo showing how to - granted, in a very primitive manner - calculate whether or not a certain number is a prime. 3 kiB
3D-DNA This is just a strange program I put together in boredom, allowing visualization in 3D of everything from a DNA-molecule to a rotaing wall. 30 kiB
Loans This is a simple loan manager - storing both the amount of money loaned, as well as the loaners contact information. As this is one of my first database programs, I used a string-based file storing technique, although it would be much easier to implement using Excel or Access. 29 kiB
Start button By using this program, you can modify the text and visibility of the start button. Note that the percentage visibility is only available in Windows 2000 and higher. 3 kiB
Veldig rask If you've ever attempted to create a image processing program in Visual Basic, you'll probably agree that the language isn't exactly suited for that kind of task, as using (external) commands - either incorperated in the VBRuntime or accessable using API. However, using this approach, you'll surpass methods like SetPixel and PSet, or even GetDIBit and GetBitmapBits. Undoubtedly, this is the fastest method - if one dosen't count in-line assembly (but then we're not using the VB-language anymore). 25 kiB
FormatMessage This example will show you how to format GetLastError-values to more comprehensible text messages. 2 kiB
Morse Using this program, you can convert any text into morse code and back, even playing the morse code using the internal sound speaker. 3 kiB
Keylogger As the name suggests, this is a simple keylogger. After executing the EXE-file, you can end the logging and write the result into a TXT-file within the same folder upon pressing the END-button. 2 kiB
Practice programs Suited for newbies. Contains 11 simple lessons in Visual Basic. 70 kiB
Hardcore Deals with examples in API-programing, using DLL-files made in C++ for optimization, utilizing Card32 to draw cards, and much more. This is mostly appropriate for intermediate programers. 2,62 MB Often you might want to colorize your code examples when sending emails, posting on forums, making webpages, ect., so that it'll appear more professionally and be easier to read. This program allows you to convert plain Visual Basic-code to HTTP and BBCode. It also contains an addon for Internet Explorer. 18 kiB As described in the tutorial, this program allow(ed) you to automate repetative tasks in the MMORPG-game Outwar. However, the source code builds on many superfluous techniques - like not using XMLHTTP and DOM, 260 kiB This programs opens a given URL, after reconnecting to the Internet (to retrieve another IP address), in the effort of increasing the amount of hits on the net game Outwar, amongst other things. This program will only work if your ISP provide you with a dial-up-alike connection (mostly ADSL) that gives you a new IP address upon each new reconnection. 18 kiB This is my first attempt to create a chat program inspired by IRC (the protocol is, however, not similar). Write /connect [ip/host] to connect to a server, and /bind to start the server process. Use localhost to test the program locally. 36 kiB Although the name resemble the above program, this second attempt at creating a chat programs share few similarities. First off, there's now no commands to remember, just a GUI to learn. Secondly, the core of the program is made using object-oriented objects, and the protocoll has been dramatically improved, as well as safety. Several bugs in the previous program (missing packets and crashing) is non-existant in this version. 110 kiB This is a sophisticated calender program with numerous functions and extensions, which I've spent a long time to develop. Unlike most of my previous programs, this program has been released under the GPL (General Public License). This means that any usage of the code forces you to release the rest of your project under this licence as well, thus promoting open source. 247 kiB A small program that is intended to teach yu how to develop an application entirely using a script engine. The functionality of the calculator was, however, not one of my primary concerns, making it quite lacking in terms of functions. 3 kiB Simplifies adding error handling to VB6-projects. Remember to include 'modDebugErr.bas' and 'frmShowError.frm' after processing your project. 45 kiB By using this program, you can easily send messages to other computers on your network using the messenger service. Also, if it dosen't conflict with the current safety configuration/privileges, it'll be possible to specify a different sender name. Adding to that is the functionality of automatically resend a message a certain number of times. 15 kiB A non-complex database management used to keep track of various links, which can be organized into different sections, and may be given a unique description each. 78 kiB Automate download of different files on the Internet. Using Windows Scheduled Tasks, you'll be able to execute the programm at a certain, possibly periodic, time. 19 kiB A dictionary utilizing Jet Database (Access) for storage. 33 kiB
When installed on a remote computer, this program let you perform numerous tasks on that computer. With a easy and intuitive client, you can force termination of Windows; run programs or DOS-commands; get information about the remote computer; list, delete, download and upload files and folders; add logon username and password to the remote program; send messages and draw directly on top window; and get screenshot and monitor keyboard. The possibilities are endless. 276 kiB A HTTP server that mostly only supports static page views - i.e. downloading, including directory showing. Server-side languages is not supported. 119 kiB This is a pretty versatile chat log-parser that has the ability to read MSN, Messenger Plus, Gaim and Trillian chat logs, as well MSN Contact Lists. It can export to any one of these logs, as well to an Access-database. With chat logs you have an overview of all the users appering anywhere in any chat log, all sessions and even all nicknames used by certain users. You can plot the instant message usage hourly, weekly and monthly, and you can retrieve a list of all the used words in a range of sessions or by other conditions. It is of course possible to search, either with just simple key words or with regular expressions. I've included two languages: English and Norwegian, but it could easliy be expanded. All the input and output modules lies within external plugins - something that is made possible due to extensive use of COM-objects. It is therefore easy to expand the functionality of the application. And, just for the sake of it, I've also implemented a 3D Star Wars-scroller. 816 kiB Given a set of words, in two languages, the program generates a custom quiz for you to test your skills in one of these languaes. 19 kiB By recording the behavior of the different input devices, including mouse and keyboard, the program is able to replay these events, making it possible to automate repetative tasks (like extracting ZIP-files) by repeating the replay in a loop. However, it is prudent to make sure the state after each task is completed is reverted "back". For instance, if you extract the first ZIP-file in a folder, you'll have to delete/move this file at the end in the recording for it to repeat the task on the next file. 89 kiB Used to make and verifying lottery tickets in the Norwegian lottery game Extra. 42 kiB This program allows you to increase the file size of any file by appending empty blocks of data into the end of the file, proving useful when attempting to boot the size of EXE-files, as these files execute properly even after appending meaningless blocks to the file. 30 kiB Although I must admit this IS just yet another telnet server, it does show how to, among other things, how to utilize pipe functions (StdIn and StdOut) to let external clients communicate with local programs. It also features a comprehensive user management system, and I've seperated the core from the GUI, making it pretty easy to incorporate in other programs. 454 kiB