If you should have any problems in opening these modules, you might be using an older version of Visual Basic - that is, below VB6 - and consequently, the IDE will produce error messages. However, when using VB5, you can circumvent this by simply removing a line begining with "Retaining" in the main project file, and then save and reopen. If you're using an even older version, you'll have to make a new project and move all the project files into it; granted, you'll most likely have to rewrite some parts of the program to make it run, but it's still feasible.


Module: Comment: Size: Author:
Color functions Elegantly converts a RGB color to HSL, and the inverse. 4 kiB Me
cdirectsound7 An object oriented class to simply access to DirectSound. 34 kiB Kevin Wilson
cdirectmusic7 As the above, only here for DirectMusic. 36 kiB Kevin Wilson
Winapi A simple wrapper for a number of APIs. 57 kiB Unknown
OpenSave Common Controls implemented in a class module. It's quite neat, as the OCX-file commonly used to access these will, by using this, not be needed to be included in the shipping of your program. 4 kiB Me
clssunrise Calculates the time of sun rise, noon and sun set. 16 kiB Scott Seligman
BufferClass An API wrapper of common GDI-functions, and similar to a PictureBox in interface. 5 kiB Me
APIByName An implementation of dynamic calling of API-exposed function in DLL-libraries (supports both cdecl and stdcall). This is especially useful when you're building a script language, or you just want to be able to call using cdecl. 4 kiB Anonym
modFlatCombo.bas Curiously, the FLAT-STYLE constant of a combo box in Visual Basic does simply not work. This is an attempt to fix that issue using APIs. Put the module in your project, and initiate the fix procedure using FixFlatComboboxes Me. 20 kiB G. D. Sever
FileCopy.cls Files that are marked for copy or cutting is put within the clipboard using a special structure. This class mimics this structure and makes it possible to manually put a file reference in the clipboard. 5 kiB Me
clsCryptoFilterBox.cls Do your application require safetly and encryption? Use this class module to make use of hash technology implemented by Microsoft. 19 kiB The KPD team
AnimatedGIF.cls You've probably noticed that there's no known implementation of animated GIF-files in the VBRun library, and thus, such GIF-files is opened without animation. This class makes it possible to animate a GIF file, for instance in a picture box, using intuitive procedures. 10 kiB Me
clsFtp.cls Accessing a FTP server is, truth be told, quite easy compared to many other communication protocols. This class contains a way of accessing the server directly (no dependencies), making it possible to rename and delete files, download, upload list files/directories, and much more. 9 kiB Me
clsSMTP.cls Much the same as the above project, except this intended for SMTP (Email). 6 kiB Meg
clsMD5.cls This class implements the popular MD5-hash algorithm, allowing hashing of any data. This is above all useful in security applications, and may be a good way of storing password(s) without risiking it/them being stolen and used. 14 kiB Me
INIFile.cls This class module implements reading (both accessing data and enumerate keys), as well as writing to a INI file. 7 kiB Me This is a pretty fast HTTP/XML-parser written purely in Visual Basic from scratch. I've tried my best to make it compliant with the DOM-standard, though it currently only support DOM Level 1. The ZIP-file also include a DOM Inspector that both browse and edit a parsed document, plus a very simple and unfinished illustration of how this parser might be utilized to make a own web-browser control - without the use of IE or other browsers. 147 kiB Me
usrListBox.ctl A simple replacement for a list box, allowing custom backgrounds. Pretty useful when making a unique skin for your application. 19 kiB Me
usrProgressbar.ctl Irrefutably, the lack of a progress bar in the standard array of controls in Visual Basic has baffled me for years. Having to reference the Microsoft Common Controls for just one control is annoying to say at least. In light of this, I decided to write my own wrapper for this control that wouldn't require an external component to be included. 8 kiB Me A simple wrapper for the Browse for folder-dialog that is quite common in many applications. 5 kiB Me
clsLanguage.cls This is a easy-to-use database for incorporating multiple languages in one single applications, stored in the XML format. To load the content of all your controls, with their common properties, call AppendForm. To retrieve/recall these values, use ProcessForm. Upon adding forms using AppendForm, use a semicolon-delimited string to filter the controls to save (if a control type is within this filter, its kind is saved). 18 kiB Me This is an example of how you might implement a real random numbers (unlike Rnd) from three different internet-based providers using XMLHTTP. New providers can be dynamically appended. 21 kiB Me Using these classes, one is able to register or unregister different file extensions related to your program or others. 4 kiB Me This is a comprehensive implementation of a virtual list view using a wide array of COM classes. Furthermore, it supports custom skins, XP skins natively, and a SQL connection withou much hassle. The ZIP-file includes a test project that shows you how to use this control in a project. 165 kiB Me