If you should have any problems in opening these modules, you might be using an older version of Visual Basic - that is, below VB6 - and consequently, the IDE will produce error messages. However, when using VB5, you can circumvent this by simply removing a line begining with "Retaining" in the main project file, and then save and reopen. If you're using an even older version, you'll have to make a new project and move all the project files into it; granted, you'll most likely have to rewrite some parts of the program to make it run, but it's still feasible.

For those that dosen't have Visual Basic installed at all, it might be neccessary to download the run-time dll-files (mirror) for Visual Basic, in case they don't execute.

Note that these games may require DirectX 7.0 and its Visual Basic library ( to be installed, especially on newer versions of Windows (such as Windows 7 and later). The Visual Basic library must also be registered in the DLL registry using regsvr32 in an administrative command line prompt, or by running "Install.bat" as Administrator.


Game: Comment: Size:
Flightgame The purpose of this game is to neutralize a submarine using a bomber aircraft. By each successive level, the submarine increase in movement speed and firing speed. It'll also begin shooting hot-seeking missiles after level 10. Upon reaching level 15, and during all even levels thereafter, a missile platform, shooting missiles obviously, will be employed on the sea bottom. Try to survive this mayhem until level 60. 124 kiB
An honesty quiz Basically, it's a funny quiz where the answers that you give are matched up with some altogether different questions at the end. Note that the questions is in Norwegian. 4 kiB
Reversi A simple implementation of the famous reversi board game, on a 10*10 sized board. Albeit lacking some structure and consistency in the source code, much like many of my earliest projects, it's still worth downloading. 6 kiB
Yatzy Yet another simple (and rather stupid) implementation of a board game. For the other end of the simplicity and stupidity, I guess), take a look at my newest version at the bottom of the page. 49 kiB
Maze Control the circle by using Ctrl to move and Enter to change direction according to the arrow the circle is above. Find the path towards the black square in the middle to progress to the next level. 15 kiB
Hunt In this game, you're supposed to find a treasure in a coordinate system, only given the distance (X + Y, that is, not in a straight line) to the treasure. 8 kiB
Mario I trust you've figured this one out already. As one of my first clones of a game, and indeed, my first scrolling 2D-game, you might think the source code is pretty badly written in terms of structure and usage of clever technuiqes. And I'd agree. I have been working on a rewrite, but as most of my projects, it hasn't been touched in a while, even though it actually works quite well. 107 kiB
Mibar The goal of this game is strikingly simple. Two players, shown as circles, fight out on a 32*32 sprite board (2D), using several weapons and upgrades. In contrast to Mario, I used DirectX fully here, except on the level editor. 234 kiB
Super snake This is just an implementation of the classic snake game. Note that passing through the outer boundaries are allowed. 19 kiB
Quiz First off, I'd like to apologize in advance for the unusually badly written code. This was actually my first program (aside from pure test programs) I ever made. I've kept it as I find reading my first program is quite interesting, seeing how I've advanced and of pure nostalgia. 11 kiB
Moon base Suited for 2-6 players. This is a turn-based and text-based strategy game wherein the goal is to - through aquiring tools and employees, residence, defence mechanisms as well as attack vessels - build a successful mining operation on the moon against a/several competitors. The first being proclaimed "ruler of the universe", wins the game. 23 kiB
Tic-tac-toe Suited for 1-2 players. The goal is to get three pieces diagonally, vertically or horizontally on the 3*3 game board. 75 kiB
Minesweeper A clone of the classic minesweeper game that is bundled with Windows, including some extra functionality. For instance, it is possible to configure the cells size and the high-score manager is extensively improved compared to Windows'. 61 kiB
Advanced This project is more than just an attempt to implement Yatzi. It's more of an show-off, or rather, a tutorial, in how to make a online turn-based game that has configurable game rules. The game supports unlimited amount of players, and has implemented two rules of play (but more is possible). 190 kiB